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tübinger mix square:
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tübinger mix square


name: tübinger mix square
surface: 1m2
soil: compost
gps location: 4.74757, 51.5735
start date: 2011-05-07
end date: 2011-11-02

General description

I received my seeds a few day late but I still think it will be worthwhile monitoring this square in a regular city garden.
I've build a container and filled it with fertile soil. The square is situated in a rather dark but sheltered corner. I'm very curious how it will develop.

Square plant monitoring

Most recent monitoring @ 2011-11-02
sinapis alba - white mustard, covering: 22%, quantity: 6, height: 72 cm
phacelia - scorpionweed, covering: 2%, quantity: 1, height: 27 cm
fagopyrum esculentum - buckwheat, covering: 22%, quantity: 7, height: 80 cm
malva sylvestris - cheeseplant, covering: 18%, quantity: 3, height: 194 cm