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pollinators' square:
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pollinators' square


name: pollinators' square
surface: 1m2
soil: regular humus
gps location: 4.35883, 50.8687
start date: 2011-05-01
end date: 2011-12-31

General description

On labour day, may day, the 1st of may, we started a square with flowers for pollinators - honeybees, bumblebees, butterfies and others.
The weather was fine and the marching bands screamed their message out loud. In honour of the worker bees, we (Jamie, Shaina, Ashok, Ananda and Annemie) sow the Tübinger seeds on our square meter, the start of some months of detailed monitoring.
After celebration with a cup of Rooibos tea, we left to check out Aloys' little Paradise.