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tübinger seedballs square:
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tübinger seedballs square


name: tübinger seedballs square
surface: 1m2
soil: lava
gps location: 50.9053, 4.34647
start date: 2010-05-01
end date: 2010-10-14

General description

An important source of nectar and pollen, which is essential for the honeybees in the late summer months when the melliferous trees stop blossoming, are the wild flowers.
One can find a selection of those plants on city wastelands, on building sites and non-use parcels, on track-sides and in parks.
To give the bees a helping hand we can make seed balls with a seedmix favourable for pollinating insects. The seed balls contain the necessary seeds for a wild or domestic ecosystem.

A lot of different seeds can be used to make seedballs. Mixed together with local soil, homemade compost, some sand, clay and water they become little potential gardens. They are cost effective and can be made by anyone, anywhere where there is soil and seed.
We use 1 part of seeds, in this case a mix of native wild flowers and herbs called Tübinger. This mix is benefiicial for pollinating insects, especially for the honey bee. It consists of 10 annual flowering plant species in different proportions : borage, buckwheat, marigold, white mustard, coriander, caraway, centaurea jacea, cheeseplant, dill and phacelia.

Square plant monitoring

Most recent monitoring @ 2010-09-30
anethum graveolens - dill, covering: 0%, quantity: 0, height: 0 cm
nigella sativa - black caraway, covering: 5%, quantity: 3, height: 5 cm
sinapis alba - white mustard, covering: 10%, quantity: 4, height: 10 cm
pastinaca sativa - parsnip, covering: 5%, quantity: 5, height: 20 cm
fagopyrum esculentum - buckwheat, covering: 15%, quantity: 1, height: 15 cm
centaurea jacea - brown knapweed, covering: 0%, quantity: 0, height: 0 cm
borago officinalis - starflower, covering: 0%, quantity: 0, height: 0 cm
coriandrum sativum - coriander, covering: 0%, quantity: 0, height: 0 cm
malva sylvestris - cheeseplant, covering: 0%, quantity: 0, height: 0 cm
sinapis alba - white mustard, covering: 0%, quantity: 0, height: 0 cm
calendula officinalis - marigold, covering: 0%, quantity: 0, height: 0 cm