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wild plant monitoring:

wild plant monitoring


name: wild plant monitoring
start project: 2010-04-14
end project: 2011-03-14
more information:


The okno garden is set up in april 2010, the soil composition is lava and recycled bricks. We left a piece of the rooftop garden in a virgin state, and we check over the season how biodiversity expresses itself in a city garden. All plants that start to grow, are plants brought by the winds or the birds. Therefore we divide the garden in some squares that are monitored monthly.


The purpose of working with the squares, is to monitor the evolution of the wild plants in the Okno rooftop garden. Over the time of summer and autumn 2010 we give a monthly description of the plants in this specific permanent quadrat (square). We will document the surface coverage by the different plantspecies, as well as the development of the plants themselves. Over time, we check for new species to pop up.