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wall screw moss # 145

General facts

botanical name: Tortula muralis
english name: wall screw moss
dutch name: gewoon muursterretje
family: Pottiaceae
genus: Tortula
this plant is a bee plant
this plant is a vegetable
this plant is edible
this plant is medicinal
this plant is a herb
this plant is a mushroom
this plant is evergreen
this plant is deciduous
this plant is a moss
wikipedia link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moss
more info link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_the_mosses_of_Britain_and_Ireland

Plant facts

biotope: wasteland
soil quality: concrete
this plant appeared spontaniously in the garden
appeared at: 2011-03-06
blooming time: March
seed harvest time: April

Personal remarks

These moss plants need closer research and identification. Mosses are rather difficult to identify correctly, but I hope to learn over the time of this project. For now I keep it on a general description. Soon the observations will become more detailed.
The purpose is also to do a close and regular monitoring of the different mosses in a square monitoring project.
The monitored moss plant is found on top of a parkinglot, the soil is concrete. Daily the moss changes looks, on rainy days is looks very green and after a few days of sunshine the moss turns quickly brownish.

Tortula muralis forms low (about 5mm high) turfs on walls. In humid state it is easy to recognize by it broad, yellow-green (or blue-green) leaves. They end more or less obtuse and with a long, white hair. In dry state the moss is blackish or glistens gray because of the glass hairs. In any case it is then not so easy to recognize.
The seta and the capsule are reddish. The peristome teeth are twice until three times contorted to the left.
Tortula muralis is one of the most frequent mosses on walls, roofs or on rocks. It is able to endure extreme dryness. It is said, that the species survives temperatures until 70°C and continues growing even after 14 years in dry state.
Habitat: calcareous rock, often on bricks or walls; low to moderate elevations.