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hanging garden


name: hanging garden
type: hanging garden
address: churchwall, place communale st.nazaire le désert france
gps location: 44.1856, 4.6316
dimensions: 1.00x2.00 meter
start date: 2011-06-27
end date: 2011-07-04
webcam: http://frontierlab.org/jardinsuspendu
more information: http://www.windowfarms.org/story


st. nazaire, thursday june 30th
date: 2011-06-30
Today we adjusted the dripping speed from 10 minutes to 20 minutes. We still have to reduce to at least 30 minutes by connecting the tubes in a more subtle way.
I went with Rosette, a St. Nazaire villager, to her veggie garden to pick some lettuce seedlings and radishes for our hanging garden. On my way back I also take a young taraxacum officinalis plant, which will serve in a fine spring salad next year.
Anna made some funny collages and they are projected on the houses of the village at night.

st.nazaire, wednesday june 29th
date: 2011-06-29
Today we nearly finished the basic structure of the garden. Water flows fine and makes a nice noise, similar to that of the many fountains in the village. The pump works but the valves and tubes need some adjustment.
Pumping up manually (by feet) goes fast and fluently - but after 10 minutes all the water drips down ...

Early this morning I went for a walk in the mountains round the village. Medicinal herbs are everywhere, and I've never seen so many different butterflies together in my life. It would be nice to make an inventory of all the edible and medicinal plants I've seen in one day ...

st. nazaire, tuesday june 28th
date: 2011-06-28
In the afternoon I go for a walk around the village. In the meadows next to the road towards the campingsite, I pick following plants for our hanging garden: lavender, vicia orobus (upright vetch), brown knapweed (centaurea jacea), achilea millefolium (yarrow) and regular brambles.
This is a first test. We put them in the little baskets, into the empty bottles, and leave them overnight.

st. nazaire, monday june 27th
date: 2011-06-27
We discover the lovely village of st.nazaire and the churchwall where we will set up the hanging garden.
All the equipment is spread out over the tables: empty plastic bottles, rubber inner tyres of bicycles, tools and more.
We start cutting and drilling and connecting the stuff ...

On the little place in front of the house where we stay, there are several blooming linden trees, full of bees and other nectar-loving insects. I pick some of the flowers and let them dry to make fresh linden tea.