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thurn & taxis:
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thurn & taxis


name: thurn & taxis
type: edgeland
address: havenlaan brussels belgium
gps location: 50.8659, 4.3511
dimensions: 50.00x400.00 meter
start date: 2011-06-17
end date: 2011-08-02


the works started ...
date: 2011-10-27
Sunday 27/10/2011 I undertook again a trip to the Thurn & Taxis wasteland. And yes, the works started.
Not even after a month difference to my last visit, everything changed thoroughly.
Actually, I went to pick some Equisetum arvensis to study under the microscope, but all Equisetum that I photographed a month ago was gone (in a natural way).
Instead, I was confronted to a completely new tarrain: the grassland was phoughed and deep tracks of tractors cover the whole area.
To be continued ...

return to Thurn& Taxis
date: 2011-10-16
After hearing some rumours that the construction works started at Thurn & Taxis, I went back to the site to take a look.
Luckilly nothing changed yet (I think they have problems again with the permits). It was a beautiful autumn sunday afternoon, and it gave me time to discover more treasors in this huge city edgeland, e.g. the edible mushroom Lacrymaria lacrymabunda (tranende franjehoed, as we say in Dutch).

T&T : the site and its surroundings
date: 2011-06-17
Implantation and ecological value: there is an immense difference between the parking lot of T&T and the moment you enter the grassland. Suddenly all sounds change, birds take over.
The grass on the border with the asphalt of the parking seems to be growing in a mathematical design, as if some maniac was sowing the grains in rows of 30cm. But very fast the grass starts grow higher and wilder and bushes of willow and reed take over the site. Plenty of wild flowers and herbs, medicinal and bee flowers. The most important: willow, wild carrot, st John's wort, malva sylvestra, oenothera, clover, cichorium intybus ...
Once passes the herbs and further than the old metal bridges, the nature becomes more barren and transforms into woodland with a lot of brambles ... One can nearly believe to be in the Brussels inner city ...

art on the site of Thurn & Taxis
date: 2011-06-16
This edgeland hides a lot of arty treasures: pop, found objects, ready mades, eco-art and much more. It's funny how good art(ificial) and nature can merge together ...

future architecture
date: 2011-06-10
What will become of the 45 hectares of Thurn & Taxis? The owners have big plans, but will they take the green zones into account?
In above pictures the students of la Cambre architecture school present projects for the green middle part of the site: even there they want to implant appartment towers and more bricks ... only a few trees remain ...