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hen house:
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hen house


name: hen house
type: urban biotope
address: thorbeckeplein 23A breda the netherlands
gps location: 51.5734, 4.74751
dimensions: 4.20x6.00 meter
start date: 2011-02-16
end date: 2011-04-24


Garden in winter
date: 2012-01-31
The weather has been extremely mild this winter. Hardly any frost. But there have been cold(er) days since the beginning of this year. Today even snow. So that's picture worthy.

Hints of spring
date: 2012-01-07
I was doing some work in my garden today and noticed the buds on the black current. It warms ones heart to see nature moving towards spring even though the whole winter has been so grey.

autumn colours
date: 2011-11-02
I'm enjoying the autumn colours in my garden. Still a few flowers but most of the colour comes from the leaves.

snail invasion
date: 2011-09-14
I tried to grow Chinese cabbage. They started off really well but then one night the snails came and only a few tiny stalks were left... Gardening is hard.

Pears are in demand
date: 2011-06-26
Since a few weeks my pear tree is constantly being attacked by Jackdaws (Corvus monedula). The fruit is far from ripe and I think it's a shame that all the pears they drop and don't eat go to waste. I try to chase them away whenever another flock has landed but of course I can't stand guard all the time.
I love Jackdaws, they're one of my favourite birds. The last few years there are a lot of them in my neighbourhood. And they all have to eat...

Old and new
date: 2011-03-11
It's nice to see how the remains of last year are livened up by this years' fresh leaves. The rose is always one of the first plants in my garden to shoot.