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microcosmic terrace:
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microcosmic terrace


name: microcosmic terrace
type: urban biotope
address: van volxemlaan 301 brussels belgium
gps location: 50.8229, 4.3265
dimensions: 5.00x10.00 meter
start date: 2013-07-26

General description

After a short lifetime spent in different parts of the Flanders' countryside, the idea of moving to an urban environment seemed no less than claustrophobic. In order to survive, every square metre of inside and outside space soon was covered by pots and plants. After one year of haphazardly trying out all kinds of seeds, it became clear that I could grow a much wider variety of plant species in the city than in my old countryside vegetable garden. Being so fortunate as to have at my disposal different, to a greater or lesser extent secluded, climatic environments outside as well as a bright space inside, I recently started growing the same things in different places, in order to see what wants to be where and so maximize the variety of crops on a limited surface, an experiment that is to be fine-tuned by the year.

Ecological description

Nicely tucked away between two residential buildings, this small area offers an open, semi-closed and closed environment. Concrete and wooden surface as well as renting conditions severely restrict cultivation possibilities, so every plant was banned to a pot - fortunately they didn't mind too much. Most of them were deliberately sown or planted, some came out of free will, but all are welcome.
I get lots of visits from bees -probably from the nearby Wiels community garden- and one small blue dragonfly who comes to say hello and then goes to the greenhouse/hallway for a snooze between the melon plants.

Sociological description

This is a one-lady project!