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bee garden network:
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bee garden network


name: bee garden network
type: urban biotope
address: frankfurt am main frankfurt am main germany
gps location: 50.7, 8.41
dimensions: 23400.00x23300.00 meter
start date: 2011-05-01
end date: 2012-04-30

General description

Since spring 2011, a network of "Bee Gardens" is being developed in Frankfurt am Main.

Bee Gardens are garden installments based on a composition of seeds from so called "honey plants" with blooming periods over the whole spring/summer/early autumn season. Beekeepers and other people engaged in supporting honey bees use these seed mixtures to plant gardens and fields for additional bee nutrition especially in areas where monocultures or other environmental conditions have led to a decline of natural ressources for bees and other insects.

Unlike countryside bees suffering from agricultural monocultures city bees enjoy a likewise comfortable situation: Urban greens will usually provide enough nutritional plants.
So why install bee gardens in the city?

The Frankfurt Bee Gardens are conceived as 'educational gardens' and test sites: A tool to provide information about the living conditions of honey bees, inviting people to learn more about the important role bees and other pollinating insects play for biodiversity - and also a tool for research about the socio-ecological conditions of the related "Urban Biotopes".

The Frankfurt Bee Gardens are installed in different places/areas of the city and thus also in different biotopes (= habitats and sociotopes), therefore monitoring will also allow to compare the informations gathered and the experiences made.
The installments are realised in cooperation with several local partners and garden hosts.

Over the summer term 2011, working on/with "Bee Gardens" is part of the ongoing project seminar work with students ("Urban Greens" and "Biotope City Frankfurt", and hereby also continuing the work groups started with the project "Bee Hive" in 2010).
The project work of the study groups and monitoring is also documented on the interdisciplinary project platform "ArtSciEd - Art Science Education" (www.ArtSciEd.net).

"Bee Gardens" is a practice-oriented focus project in the framework of the ongoing projects "Urban Biotopes", "Biotope City Frankfurt" and "(IN)VISIBLE GARDENS".

Find basic info at:
Ongoing project (incl. monitoring and documentation) at:

Ecological description

While all installments are situated in the city area of Frankfurt am Main, they are located in very different areas characterised by different ecological/environmental conditions.
More details are provided in the documentation of the individual garden installments.
(this site includes also the monitoring galleries, work in progress)
... and for a short portrait list of the Frankfurt Bee Gardens 2011:

Sociological description

The Bee Garden Network is a collaborative project. See above (General Description).