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hen house


name: hen house
type: urban biotope
address: thorbeckeplein 23A breda the netherlands
gps location: 51.5734, 4.74751
dimensions: 4.20x6.00 meter
start date: 2011-02-16
end date: 2011-04-24

General description

I have a tiny garden that I can't really use to sit in. For over 10 years this garden has served as a hen house. That's why it has a fence. That doesn't look very pretty but it comes in handy as the kids tend to break things around the garden.
The garden is situated in a closed area, surrounded by houses. It borders on a communal garden where there are some bushes and ornamental plants. Some of which have migrated to my garden.
In this area of the town people aren't very interested in gardening and green surroundings. From the time I moved in here I wanted to do that differently. So one of the main goals is to provide some green for the people and the animals. I'm a practical person and when I grow something I want to eat it. So another goal is to supply a little of my own food.

Ecological description

The garden is directed to the east. It doesn't get very much sun because of the sheds and fences of the neighbours. To let more sun into the garden I cut down my hedges which makes a lot of difference.
The soil is very poor. I keep a compost heap which I fill with wast from the garden and my own green waste. But this is by far not enough to fertilize the whole garden. So I've bought some compost to mix with the sandy soil.
There are quite a lot of different birds and insects in the garden. The estate is rather green so every garden profits from that.
I want to mix flowers and vegetables go feed the bees and to attract natural preditors for vermin.