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colony # 437
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Carniolan honey bee, kravín - hranice
honeybee, edible forest rooftopgarden
honeybee, edible forest rooftopgarden
honeybee, edible forest rooftopgarden
honeybee, okno rooftop garden
honeybee, okno rooftop garden
the honey bee, kravín - hranice
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colony # 437


family: apidae
genus: apis
species latin: apis mellifera
subspieces: apis mellifera carnica
species english: honeybee
colony in: hive nr 3 - the monitored hive
hive type: dadant-blatt - 10 frames - observation hive
introduction to the garden: 2011-05-04
through: swarm
colony purchase address: OKNO (2nd swarm from the topbar hive)
queens' birthday: 2011-05-01
queen purchase date: queen came from a swarmcell in the topbar hive
more info link:

Colony description

In the afternoon of may 4th, an afterswarm starts to fly out of the topbar hive. It's a small swarm, compared to the first one that we coulcn't catch. They gather under the garden table (as usual) and they are rather easy to sweep into the bucket and than into their now home: the full automatic monitored hive!
From now on, they'll become celebrities. Everybody can follow their actions in real time on the net.

Queen description

The queen is a young one, out of a swarmcell. She still has to mate with the drones when put into the new hive. It will take ± a month before new bees will be born in this colony.

Foraging areas

Their foraging areas are along the canal, and the Brussels gardens.
We discovered that there are a lot of fruit trees (cherry, mostly) in the collective garden of the social housing project behind Okno.

Electronics introduction

The hive is fully equipted to monitor the bees on different levels.
We have 2 webcams in a plexi box in the middle of the hive, and in the top of the frames there are 2 temperature sensors, a humidity sensor and a Co2 sensor to measure inside the hive.
There is also a t° en humidity sensor for the outside values. The whole setup is linked to the network and displayed on 4 monitors at OKNO. The webcams send also a live stream in realtime on the internet.