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colony # 434
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Carniolan honey bee, kravín - hranice
honeybee, edible forest rooftopgarden
honeybee, edible forest rooftopgarden
honeybee, edible forest rooftopgarden
honeybee, okno rooftop garden
honeybee, okno rooftop garden
the honey bee, kravín - hranice
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kravín - hranice

colony # 434


family: Apidae
genus: Apis
species latin: Apis mellifera
subspieces: Apis mellifera carnica
species english: the honey bee
colony in: hive nr 1
hive type: the hive bought from Nasavrky (nástavkový úl)
introduction to the garden: 2011-06-01
through: swarm
colony purchase address: Lhůta village (close to Libice nad Doubravou)
queens' birthday: 2010-06-01
queen purchase date: queen from the swarm (hopefully she's there)

Colony description

the collony was catched as a swarm in Lhůta village by the beekeeper Mr. Klepetko, on Sunday 28th, quite calm, but we couldn't find the queen

Queen description

an old queen from the swarm, but we couldn't find her...

Foraging areas

located in the garden, next to the wilder forest plat, under the plane-trees, next to it few raspberry bushes, willow tree, a little further lime tree, clover meadow, still further various gardens with fruit trees, meadows, agricultural fields (nearest the corn), woods...