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colony # 161
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Carniolan honey bee, kravín - hranice
honeybee, edible forest rooftopgarden
honeybee, edible forest rooftopgarden
honeybee, edible forest rooftopgarden
honeybee, okno rooftop garden
honeybee, okno rooftop garden
the honey bee, kravín - hranice
In garden
okno rooftop garden

colony # 161


family: apidae
genus: apis
species latin: apis mellifera
subspieces: apis mellifera carnica
species english: honeybee
colony in: hive nr 1
hive type: kempische hive
introduction to the garden: 2010-03-25
through: purchase
colony purchase address: Dr. G. Vandermeersch, Kortemark - Belgium
queens' birthday: 2009-05-17
queen purchase date: Queen came with the colony
more info link:

Colony description

We purchased the colony at Dr. Vandemeersch in Kortemark, in the spring 2010. Our former bee colony, a bunch of black bees, did not survive the winter of 2010. Though they were fine till end of february, they were suddenly found dead midst of march. Than we decided to go immediately for a new colony, at the start of the season. And till today, this new colony is doing fine!

Queen description

The queen comes from a swarm, together with the colony. Swarmtime: june 2010.

Foraging areas

The foraging areas of this hive are partly overlapping with the areas of the so-on hives. The foraging area of a beehive has a radius of 3km, so we can easily check on the map of Brussels where the bees get their food. We try to verify the exact foraging areas with the results of the pollen analysis.

Electronics introduction

We had a webcam pointed to this beehive, and the whole 2009-2010 season we covered a life-stream on the website. The purpose is to enhance the beehive with temperature and humidity sensors to do a basic monitoring over the year.